Who Is Latino Caucus?


The Latino Caucus shall dedicate its efforts to the betterment of the Latino community at the Pennsylvania State University. This organization will work towards supporting diversity, providing a unified voice to the Latino student population on campus, supporting programs that serve and meet the needs of Latino students as well as initiating and developing positive change in the policy and administration of the University as it affects Latino students.

More specifically, Latino Caucus will aim to

  1. To politically advocate Latinx issues within the University

​       2. To promote academic excellence

       3.To promote unity among the diverse Latino/a based groups on campus



Our History



Some of our first presidents of Latino Caucus had a reunion in the summer of 2018 in Philadelphia, PA. From left to right, Domenico Rocco (4th president), Maribel Gonzalez (1st president and co-founder of LC), and Michael Cruz (3rd president).


From left to right, Maribel Gonzalez (1st president and co-founder of LC) and Marilyn Cruz (2nd president).